Sociology of Family

Family research in the field of sociology addresses patterns of change and variation in family behaviors and household relationships by social class, race/ethnicity, and gender. Topics of study include union formation and dissolution, childbearing, family structure, parenting, and the intersection of work and family.

Students who are interested in family can take courses through Sociology and Policy Analysis and Management (many of which are cross-listed in Sociology), and benefit from resources available through the Cornell Population Center.

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Image of Rachel Dunifon
Rachel Dunifon

Professor, Rebecca Q. and James C. Morgan Dean, College of Human Ecology

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Daniel T. Lichter

Ferris Family Professor of Policy Analysis and Management, Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Sociology

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Kelly Musick

Professor of Public Policy and Sociology, Brooks Senior Associate Dean of Research

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Karl Pillemer

Hazel E. Reed Professor of Human Development and Professor of Gerontology in Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine

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Sharon Sassler

Professor of Public Policy and Sociology

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Laura Tach

Professor of Public Policy and Sociology

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Maureen Waller

Professor of Public Policy and Sociology

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