Katherine Rose Lynch

Class of 2019 Spotlight: Katherine Rose Lynch

"Finding a major I loved enhanced my Cornell education more than I could have imagined." In addition to being chosen as on of the College of Arts and Sciences Extraordinary Seniors Lynch also recently won a Writing in the Majors Prize from the John S. Knight Institute for her essay "The Making of the Philadelphia Badlands." The essay was written for Professor Kendra Bischoff's course, Sociology 3380: Urban Inequality.  Lynch also won the Robert Wertheimer Award which honors the coninuing contributions of former sociology major Robert Wertherimer and is for the best thesis outside the field of social psychology. Lynch's thesis is entitled "The Optional Buy Out and The Imperative Buy In: A Comparison of Teachers' Perceptions of Parent Involvement in Socioeconomically Advantaged Vversus Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Schools."

Summer school Intro to Sociology

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How are our behaviors, choices, and outcomes influenced by the institutions, cultures, and networks that surround us – and how do our individual actions create and re-create the social world?  In this intensive 3-week introductory seminar we will discuss how sociologists have approached these questions, the research methods that are used to answer questions about the social world, the relationship between sociology and other social sciences (such as psychology and economics), and how sociology can inform our understanding of current events.  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.)  Class will run M-F 12:00-2:30pm

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