Yoselinda Mendoza

Graduate Student Spotlight: Yoselinda Mendoza

Cornell Sociology Graduate student Yoselinda Mendoza recently received the Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship which will support her research for three years. "This funding will help support my research project in examining how mixed-status Latinx families experience precarious housing conditions, or housing that is of poor quality, overvrowded, unaffordable, and involves frequent moving." The Ford Foundation aims to increase the diversity of faculty in the nation's colleges and universities and this award is given to scholars who have demonstrated academic excellence and are devoted to using diversity as a resource to increase equity and enhance the experiences for all students.




Summer school Intro to Sociology

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How are our behaviors, choices, and outcomes influenced by the institutions, cultures, and networks that surround us – and how do our individual actions create and re-create the social world?  In this intensive 3-week introductory seminar we will discuss how sociologists have approached these questions, the research methods that are used to answer questions about the social world, the relationship between sociology and other social sciences (such as psychology and economics), and how sociology can inform our understanding of current events.  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.)  Class will run M-F 12:00-2:30pm

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