Sociology Jeopardy

Cornell Sociology's Jeopardy! exhibit on the 3rd floor of Uris Hall presents a rotating collection of sociology clues on display for students, staff, faculty and visitors to ponder.  

Check your guesses for the current group of clues, learn more about Cornell's connection to  Jeopardy! and share your own clue ideas with us for a chance to have them appear in the exhibit!

Current Sociology Jeopardy clues

Cornellians on Jeopardy

Cornell University contestants:

  • Jason Keller '03 (12 appearances and $225,900)
  • Justin Bernbach '93 (10 appearances and $167,001),
  • Lisa Schlitt '07 (9 appearances and $151,100),
  • Kate Waits '72 (8 appearances),
  • Zach Newkirk '12 (8 appearances),
  • Alan Dunn '80 (7 appearances),
  • Lindsey Shultz MD '11 (7 appearances)
  • Ryan Hemmel '10 (7 appearances)

Sociology majors on the show:

Catherine Zhang, a 2021 graduate of Sociology and Computer Science, found her experience as a Jeopardy! National College Championship contestant to be super rewarding. "I've been watching Jeopardy! since I was young, so learning that I was going to be on the show was unbelievably exciting and surreal. I was definitely pretty nervous going into the filming process, but the producers made it such a wonderful experience, and I got to meet so many amazing students from around the country! I couldn't be more grateful to have had this opportunity, and I still can't quite believe I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of being on the show."

As for the usefulness her studies in Sociology played, she states, "having a wide breadth of knowledge is definitely one of the most important parts of being on Jeopardy, and so many of my classes contributed to my experience."


Cornell clues from past episodes of Jeopardy

(solutions at bottom of the page)

1) 1986: 20th C. AUTHORS $200:
A professor at Cornell, he translated "Alice in Wonderland" into Russian & wrote "Lolita"

2) 1988: SPORTS TRIVIA $100: 
A Cornell University study indicates teams wearing this color are most likely to be penalized 

3) 1989: COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: 
"Cosmos" author Carl Sagan is a professor of astronomy & space sciences at this eastern university 

4) 1992: COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: 
The world's largest radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico is run by this Ithaca, N.Y. school 

5) 1994: NONFICTION $600: 
While teaching at Cornell, she wrote "Gorillas in the Mist" 

6) 1995: WOMEN IN GOVERNMENT $200: 
At Cornell this future Attorney General was president of the women's student government association 

7) 1998: FEMINISM $600: 
This 2-word term popularized by Anita Hill's testimony may have originated in a 1975 gathering at Cornell 

8) 2002: ALPHA MALES $1600: 
Henry Callis & others founded Alpha Phi Alpha, the first black college fraternity, at this Ithaca, N.Y. school

9) 2002: WHEN THEY WERE IN COLLEGE $2000: 
This "Cat's Cradle" author said of his time at Cornell, "I was enrolled exclusively in courses I had no talent for"

10) 2003: THE "WEST" WING $1000: 
Dash or dot off a note to Ezra Cornell, founder of this telegraph company 

11) 2004: IVY LEAGUERS $2000: 
In the '50s she took an Ivy League tour -- Cornell undergrad, Harvard & Columbia law schools

12) 2005: MAMMALS $400: 
Cornell University has a lab set up for these animals that only seem to pop up in the news on February 2

13) 2006: LEGENDS OF SPORT $800: 
Older that his classmates, Cornell football player & future coach Glenn Warner got this nickname 

Here's "The News": The "Power of Love" singer was an engineering major at Cornell 

15) 2015: DOCTOR WHO $400:
...came out of Cornell med school & revolutionized dieting with this high-protein, low-carb system 

16) 2020: ASTRONAUTS $1200: 
Cornell medical grad Mae Jemison won fame aboard this Space Shuttle, spelled the British way with a "U" 

17) 2020: AUTHORS' ALMA MATERS $2000: 
One of his professors at Cornell was William Strunk Jr. whose "Elements of Style" he would later revise

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Past Cornell Jeopardy solutions

  1. Vladimir Nabokov
  2. black
  3. Cornell 
  4. Cornell
  5. Dian Fossey
  6. Janet Reno
  7. Sexual harassment
  8. Cornell
  9. Kurt Vonnegut 
  10. Western Union
  11. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  12. groundhogs 
  13. Pop
  14. Huey Lewis
  15. Robert Atkins 
  16. Endeavour
  17. E.B. White