Cristobal Young's Research Proves Critical in Push for Millionaires Tax

The economic crisis generated by COVID-19 closures and emergency measures has prompted a tax reform on New York State, raising taxes to the wealthy, a measure that proved difficult to pass in the past. 

The argument that supported the fear of wealthy residents fleeing high taxes and leaving the state was challenged by Sociology professor Cristobal Young‘s research that points out taxes were not a reason for the rich to change their residence. As reflected in an article by HuffPost "when it came to rebutting claims that tax hikes would prompt a mass exodus from New York, the research of Cornell University sociologist Cristobal Young...proved critical." 

Most recently, Cristobal Young’s was quoted in an article in Bloomberg Wealth regarding the move from California to Texas by Elon Musk’s where Young pointed out that the change of residence is a way to “basically shirking his tax responsibilities,” while “California provided access to the talent he needed to build the company.”

Scholars Strategy Network features an article as well as media outlets that have quoted Prof. Young the the recent months. Read the full articles bellow:

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