Current Graduate Students

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Erika Abbott
Education: BS, Boise State University (Social Sciences)
Academic Interests: Social Stratification
Education: BA, Oberlin College (English)
Academic Interests: Computational Sociology, Social Networks, Online Interaction, Social Norms
Alexandra Cooperstock
Education: BA, University of Michigan — Ann Arbor (Sociology, Women’s Studies)
Academic Interests: Education, Poverty, Inequality, Social Mobility
Education: BA, University Of East Anglia (American Studies); Msc, London School Of Economics And Political Science (Political Sociology)
Academic Interests: Political Sociology, Culture, Computational Social Science, Social Networks, Natural Language Processing
Education: BA, Huazhong Agricultural University; MA, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Academic Interests: Social Network Analysis, Economic Sociology
Jocelyn Fischer
Education: BA, Smith College (Economics)
Academic Interests: Work And The Labor Market, Family, Gender, Policy
Alyssa Goldman
Education: BA, Cornell University (Psychology, Government); MA, University Of Chicago (Social Science)
Academic Interests: Social Networks, Sociology Of Health, Social Stratification
Education: BA, Swarthmore College (Political Sciences), MA, Seoul National University (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Economy and Society, Organizations
 Jacqueline Ho
Education: BA, Brown University (Environmental Science)
Academic Interests: Social Mobility, Economic Sociology, Knowledge, Mixed Methods
Wonjeong (Claire) Jeong
Education: BA & MA, Yonsei University (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Social Stratification, Inequality, Social Mobility
Seokyoung Kim
Education: BA, Seoul National University (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Social Stratification, Inequality
Education: BA & MA, Yonsei University (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Social Stratification, Careers, Gender Inequality
Sang Kyung Lee 
Education: BA, Yonsei University (Sociology); MSc, London School of Economics and Political Science (Political Sociology)
Academic Interests: Political Sociology, Comparative Political Economy, Theory, Public Finance.
Yunsub Lee 
Education: BA/BS, Hanyang University (Sociology and Mathematics); MA, UNC-Charlotte (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Analytical Sociology, Social Psychology, Social Networks, Economic Sociology, Mathematical Sociology, Exchange Theory
Shumeng Li 
Education: BA, Wuhan University
Academic Interests: Political Sociology and Social Movements.
Education: BA & MA, Ewha Woman's University, Seoul National University (Business)
Academic Interests: Social Networks
Education: BA, Renmin University Of China (Sociology, Economics)
Academic Interests: Economic Sociology, Social Stratification, Financial Sociology
Yuanyuan Liu
Education: BS, Zhejiang University (Statistics); MA, University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Applied Economics and Asian Studies: China)
Academic Interests: Social Stratification and Inequality, Economic Sociology, Chinese Studies, Quantitative Methodology
Loredana Loy
Education: BS, Academy Of Economic Studies, Bucharest (Economics); MA, New York University, NYU (Interdisciplinary: Sociology & Media)
Academic Interests: Political Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Elites.
Yuqi (Carl) Lu
Education: BA, Beijing Foreign Studies University (English)
Academic Interests: Social Inequality, Stratification
Erin McCauley
Education: BA, University of Oregon (Spanish; Family & Human Services); M.Ed., Vanderbilt University (Community Development & Action
Academic Interests:Policy, Criminal Justice, Inequality, Race and Ethnicity, Health Disparities, Community-Based Inquiry, Demography
Education: BS, Purdue University (Mathematics, Minor: Physics)
Academic Interests: Opinion Dynamics, Evolution of Language and Culture, Information Cascades, Networked Game Theory, Statistical Mechanics as Applied to Social Systems
Yoselinda Mendoza
Education: BA, University of California, Irvine (Psychology and Social Behavior)
Academic Interests: Inequality, Civic Participation, Immigration, Education, Housing, Race and Ethnicity, Qualitative and Mixed Methods
Education: BA, Emmanuel College (Sociology); MPH, Drexel University (Community Health and Prevention)
Academic Interests: Race, Racial Discrimination, Policing, Incarceration, Education, Health Disparities, Inequality and Stratification, Qualitative and Mixed Methods
Mario Molina
Education: BA, Universidad De Los Andes (Philosophy And Education); MA, Universidad Católica De Chile (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Social Norms, Economic Sociology, Networks, Social Institutions, Experiments
Mary Beth Morrissey
Education: BA, Barnard College, Columbia University (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Family, Gender, Emotions, Social Stratification, Social Policy, Qualitative and Mixed Methods
Education: BS, University of Houston (Psychology and Sociology)
Academic Interests: Inequality, Immigration, Education, Social Psychology
Radu Andrei Pârvulescu
Education: BA, Mcgill University (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Sociology Of Academia, Social Theory, Mathematical Sociology, Non-Western Sociology, Qualitative Methods
Camille Portier
Education: BASc,University College London (Social Sciences/Statistics); MSc, University of Oxford (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Inequality, Health and Aging, Demography, Quantitative Methods
Education: BA, Sun Yat-sen University (Sociology)
Academic Interests:Economy & Society
Reid Ralston
Education: BA, Indiana University-Bloomington (Sociology, Communication & Culture)
Academic Interests: Social Networks, Stratification and Inequality, Organizations
Education: BS, South Dakota, MA – UNC-Charlotte
Academic Interests: Social Stratification, Spatial Inequality, Mobility
F. Benjamin Rosche
Education: BA, Mannheim University, M.Sc, Utrecht University (Sociology, Methodology and Statistics)
Academic Interests: Social Networks, Social Simulation, Methodology and Statistics, Inequality Stratification and Mobility, Family Sociology
Education: BA, State University of New York at Geneseo (Sociology); MPH, State University of New York at Buffalo (Community Health and Health Behavior); MA, University of Iowa (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Culture and Cognition, Social Networks, Computational Social Science, Social Movements, Organizations, Morality, Identity, Health, Medicine, Science, Technology, Food, Quantitative and Experimental Methods
Emily Sandusky 
Education: BA, Boston University (Women’s Studies); MS, The New School (Urban Policy Analysis)
Academic Interests: Political Sociology, Community and Urban Sociology, Culture, Inequality
Juhwan Seo
Education: BA,Harvard University (Sociology, WGS)
Academic Interests: Social Stratification
 Abdullah Shahid
Education: BA, Independent University; MA, University of Dhaka; MS, Cornell University
Academic Interests: Organizations
Education: B.S., University Of Houston(Sociology)
Academic Interests: Social Movements, Race, and Social Theory
Jan Ludwig Spieker 
Education: BA, Univerisity of Osnabruck; MA, London School of Economics; MA, Humboldt University Berlin
Academic Interests: Economy and Society
Remy Stewart
Education: BA, UC-Santa Cruz
Academic Interests: Social Stratification, Inequality, Social Mobility
Wesley Studenbord
Education: BA, New York University (Sociology), ME, Boston University (Computer Science)
Academic Interests: Economy & Society, Inequality
Zhonghao Wang
Education: BA, Tsinghua University, MA, U. of British Columbia
Academic Interests: Social Networks, Health
Kate Watkins
Education: MA, University Of Denver Korbel School Of International Studies (Global Finance, Trade & Economic Integration); BA, University Of Denver (Economics, International Studies)
Academic Interests: Economic Sociology, Inequality, Network Analysis, Social Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Information Asymmetries, Norms & Ethics
Education: BA, Tianjin University
Academic Interests: Social Stratification
Xuewen (Shelley) Yan 
Education: BA, Fudan University (Communications); MSc, University of Oxford  (Sociology)
Academic Interests: Social Stratification (Family, Health, Education), Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Knowledge, Theory
Youngmin (Min) Yi
Education: BA, Wellesley College (Economics, French)
Academic Interests: Inequality, Social Stratification, Transition To Adulthood, Family, Social Policy
Katherine Zaslavsky
Education: BA, State University of New York at Geneseo (Sociology, Music Performance)
Academic Interests: Economic Sociology, Mass Media, Natural Language Processing, Western Views of Islam
Haowen Zheng
Education: BA, Beijing Foreign Studies (English), MA, New York University (Applied Quantitative Research)
Academic Interests: Social Stratification, Inequality and Education