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Elaine Wethington


Elaine Wethington

Beebe Hall, Room 101, 9



I am a medical sociologist, jointly appointed in the Department of Human Development and in the Department of Sociology. I study stress across the life course and how factors such as support from others may buffer the impact of stress on mental and physical health. I have been interested in this topic for most of my career because it is a way to “translate” basic research into ways that can improve people’s health.  I am currently working on projects relating to work and family stress in young families, the impact of life events on behavior that affects  health, and  social support in aging families.

I teach basic and advanced undergraduate courses on gerontology, health disparities, and health and social behavior for the Human Development Aging & Health undergraduate concentration, as well as advanced graduate courses on translational research methods. My courses also contribute to the Gerontology minor at Cornell University. I specialize in advising about careers in medicine, public health and related fields and provide research opportunities for students interested in aging and health.

I collaborate with colleagues at Weill Cornell Medical College and the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research to develop projects that improve the  experience and treatment of pain among older adults.  I am also collaborating with faculty at Weill Cornell Medical College, the Division of Nutritional Sciences, and Applied Economics and Management on basic research and interventions to reduce obesity among low income working adults. I have recently begun a new project on marital quality and health among older adults.  My research has been funded by the National Institute on Aging and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of NIH,  Smith-Lever., and the Cornell Institute for the Social Sciences.


  • Human Development


  • Medical Sociology,
  • Sociology of the Family,
  • Gender and the Life Course


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