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Antonio Sirianni

Ph.D. Candidate


My dissertation focuses on understanding the micro-motives and career consequences of interaction within competitive occupations, particularly in the worlds of sports and entertainment. The rate at which individuals succeed or fail within these fields is highly variable. Individuals working in these industries are inherently popular and well-known, and as such their career histories are often well-archived. This allows me to construct datasets that are behavioral, longitudinal, and relational, including a 52-year record of fist fights that have occurred in professional ice hockey and a 7-year trace of co-performance in the adult film industry. I then use customized network analysis and simulation methods to (1) predict interactions between individuals, (2) identify the mechanisms that promote these interactions, and (3) examine the link between network position and career success.

Dissertation Title

A Longitudinal Network Analysis of Competitive Occupations


Michael Macy (chair), Benjamin Cornwell, Douglas Heckathorn


Social Networks; Social Psychology; Computational social science



  • Sociology