Summer courses 2021

By: Paulina Velázquez ,  Sociology Communications
Fri, 04/23/2021

Make the most of your summer with these online courses

Take these introductory courses in sociology. Registration is open until June 1, 2021 for students enrolled in a degree program, and May 17, 2021 for student not enrolled in a degree program.

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3 weeks: June 1-17

SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology, with Juhwan Seo, 3 Credits. This course is a broad introduction to the field of sociology.  Course materials are designed to illustrate the distinctive features of the sociological perspective and to start you thinking sociologically about yourself and the broader social world.  To think sociologically is to recognize that being embedded in the world constrains behavior, and that individuals are both social actors and social products. 

SOC 1104 Race and Ethnicity in the United States: Social Constructs, Real World Consequences, with Katherine Zaslavsky, 3 Credits. This course will examine race and ethnic relations between Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Asians in the United States. The goal of this course is for students to understand how the history of race and ethnicity in the U.S. affects opportunity structures.

SOC 2208 Social Inequality, with Emily Sandusky, 4 Credits. This course reviews contemporary approaches to understanding social inequality and the processes by which it comes to be seen as legitimate, natural, or desirable. We address questions of the following kind: what are the major forms of stratification in human history? Are inequality and poverty inevitable? How many social classes are there in advanced industrialism societies?

SOC 3680 Comparative Corruption, with Patricia Young, 4 Credits. Corruption, and the perception of corruption, pervades many aspects of society and has become a source of political protest around the world. This course focuses on the similarities and differences between forms, causes, and effects of corruption in various environments.

6 weeks: June 21-August 3

SOC 2150 Introduction to Organization with Abdullah Shahid, 3 Credits. In modern society, we all spend much of our lives participating in or interacting with organizations. Most of us are born in organizations, educated in organizations, and work in organizations. The ubiquity and variability of organizations result in a myriad of organizational challenges we regularly face. The goal of this introductory course is to help students gain understandings of the origins, structure, and dynamics of organizations and their relationships to their environment

Summer courses 2021