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Lucas Drouhot

Ph.D. Candidate


I am a Ph.D candidate in Sociology at Cornell University. My research interests are in the study of international migration, social networks, and social stratification.

​I am primarily focused on understanding the processes and mechanisms shaping the incorporation trajectories of immigrants and their children in Western societies. My dissertation research concentrates on the incorporation of Muslim immigrants in France, while other projects explore substantively similar issues across Western Europe and the United States. I have a secondary research agenda in the study of identity, class, community, and urban sociology. In my work, I use a combination of statistical modeling, spatial analysis and ethnographic fieldwork.


Victor Nee (chair), Filiz Garip, Benjamin Cornwell, Kendra Bischoff

Dissertation (defending August of 2018): 

Structural & Cultural Incorporation Among Muslim Immigrants & Their Children in France

Graduate Fields

  • Sociology