Center for Social Sciences announces 2021-22 faculty fellows

By: By James Dean,  Cornell Chronicle
Wed, 02/10/2021

Political polarization, environmental justice and inclusion in higher education are a few of big issues faculty members will tackle in the next academic year as fellows at the Cornell Center for Social Sciences (CCSS).

The center has announced a dozen faculty fellows for its 2021-22 cohort, representing seven colleges and schools. The program seeks to nurture the work of primarily early-career faculty in the social sciences, providing time, resources and community to help them pursue and complete ambitious research projects.

Barum Park, assistant professor in the Department of Sociology (A&S) has been awarded a fellowship for the spring semester of 2022, in which he will study how deliberative democracy in the online sphere is possible. “Political Polarization and the Role of Online Foci in Deliberative Discussions” will focus on the creation of shared identities and norms in online forums, Facebook pages and blogs, which can exacerbate polarization and extremism but are also essential to countering those tendencies in the creation of meaningful political deliberation.

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