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The College of Arts Sciences

Celebrating our Student Awards

By: Anna Mercovich , 
Wed, 05/23/2018

We are pleased to announce the winners of the best graduate student paper awards, undergraduate thesis awards and the outstanding TA awards in Sociology for 2018.

The Leo Meltzer Award, celebrating the contributions of former Professor Leo Meltzer, is for the best undergraduate thesis in the field of social psychology, broadly defined.  The award went to David Brotz for his thesis “Body Alteration and Class: A Study of Inequality in Look.”

The Robert Wertheimer Award honors the continuing contributions of former sociology major Robert Wertheimer and is for the best thesis outside the field of social psychology.  The award went to Ming Zhe Choong for his thesis “The Impacts of College Textbooks Costs on Cornell Undergraduates’ Academic Choices, Performance, and Standard Living.”

The Department Citation for Excellence in Teaching went to Loredana Loy for her work in Sociology 1290 “American Society through Film” and Xinwei Xu for her work in Sociology 2220 “Controversies about Inequality” and Sociology 1101 “Introduction to Sociology”

The Robin M. Williams, Jr. Best Paper Award for the best graduate student paper went to Mauricio Bucca for his paper "Black-white differences in intergenerational mobility in the US: evidence from heterogeneous sibling correlations.”

The Robert McGinnis Best Paper Award for the best graduate student paper went to – Sang Kyung Lee for his paper “The politics of anti-austerity protest: South Korea in 1997-98 and Greece in 2009-10"

The Center for the Study of Inequality's Inequality Honors Thesis Contest winners were Ruby Bafu for her thesis “It’s Never Just Hair: Pelo Melo and the Modern Racialization of Black Women’s Natural Hair in the Dominican Republic and the United States” and Morgan Palmiter for her thesis “The Reinvention of an Age-Old Truth: An Analysis of Discriminatory State Policies After Shelby County v. Holder.”